Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Game of Gaming

Well that was an intense 2 weeks.  I was at GameOn Finance one week and the Vortex Game Design Competition the next with my book promo party on the weekend between them.  Talk about a serious lack of sleep.  It also including an all-nighter with some of the big players on a Wednesday!

On the game side, I didn't win the competition but I made the finals and generated a lot of buzz.  I have a pile of business cards an inch high to follow-up on and a couple of them I've already scheduled meetings with.  If I'm good, I should have some deals in place by January.

On the book side, the launch went fairly well.  I hired a guy that looked like Alex to walk around and promote the book and I dressed up my niece to look like Dara.  The party went until close for some of us and I didn't end up at home until 4am. (Then I had to get up early and start prep for the competition.)

The very cool news was from the book promo this last Sunday.  A lady came in and bought DotS for her grandson because it was on his Christmas wish-list!  DotS is on wish-lists!  How cool is that?!