Monday, September 21, 2009

The meeting

I have to tell you about a meeting at work I had recently.  It was very technical but I'm going to use a restaurant metaphor so everyone can understand the frustration I went through trying to get the information I wanted.  It went something like this:

Shiraz: Can anyone tell me how to get to the Benefits restaurant?
Consultant1: Why are you going there?
Shiraz: To eat.
Consultant2: How are you getting there?
Shiraz: Will that change its location?
Consultant2: No but it'll change your route.  If you take a bus it'll be different than taking a car.
Shiraz: But I just want to know where it is.
Consultant1: They make good fish there, but avoid the prawns.
Shiraz: That's nice, but where is it?
Consultant2: And they have specials on Tuesday.
Consultant1: Tuesday?  I thought it was Thursday?
Consultant2: Hmmm, it may be Thursday.  I'll check.
Shiraz: Can you check where it is at the same time?
Consultant1: No, that's a different look up.
Shiraz: Look, I just want to know where the damn restaurant is.
Consultant2: Oh, look! It IS Thursday.
Consultant1: I thought so!  I'm glad we got that settled.
Consultant2: Yes, it's been a productive meeting.
Shiraz: ....

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