Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back after the flu tried to kill me

Last week was bad, very bad.  Teeth chattering cold flashes and sweat drenched hot flashes.  It felt like my rib cage had shrunk so that it hurt whenever I inhaled.  God help me whenever I coughed or laughed.  Luckily, my ribs have expanded again and just in time for some great reviews and one ok one:

My Blog 2.0 "I enjoyed this mystical magical adventure wholeheartedly."

ForeWord Reviews “Non-stop action adventure.”

The Mommy Rambles "Loved, loved, loved! this book!"

La Femme Readers "I couldn't help but get lost in this world Shiraz and his team created."

These bloggers are really boosting my confidence that DotS may one day become a best-seller.
Big thanks to everyone!

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