Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back in the T-dot.

Yes, it's been a while since a post, but moving across the country two days after my last day at work while still doing all the regular DotS stuff has had me pretty busy.  I have the book promotion starting next Sunday and decided to have a few posters made up to display behind me.  Due to a miscommunication, the printer made prints 1'x1.5' instead of 2'x3'.  Now I've got these gorgeous pics but don't know what to do with them.  That happened on the Friday before I left Victoria, B.C., so there wasn't time to do a correction.

Friday was also an interesting day in terms of things to do.  I went into the UPS to see if I could borrow a trolley on Saturday to cart my 30" monitor in for shipping.  They then informed me that they are closed on the Saturdays of a long weekend (Thanksgiving in Canada) so I'd have to drop off the monitor before close.  This meant giving up my lunch hour to go home, pack up the monitor, and get it to them.  Annoying, but not too difficult except for the fact that at sometime during the day a guy would be arriving at my office to take my car away to be shipped by train to Toronto.  (That sounds wrong. Shouldn't it be "trained" to Toronto?) So now I'm in a race against the clock.  Only I can't take the easy route and just go home and pack the monitor right away because I've meetings at work to close up everything I've been doing. Ack!

God was on my side, however, and set fire to one of the ferries between Vancouver and Victoria, delaying all ferries for the rest of the day, including the one the driver was on.  He didn't need to go to such great lengths, but it was appreciated.  So, I got everything done and am now safely back in Mississauga, Ontario, until at least the end of the year.  I'm already missing my car and my monitor but won't see either until next week.

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