Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A review that's not a review and more!

I've been so busy getting ready for the first book promo (that took place last Sunday) that I haven't had time to post.  Here's a quick recap on the reviews that came in over the last week:

My Life In Not So Many Words "The book is full of rich characters, fantastic adventures and danger all the way through it. It even has pirates! So much fun!"

The Bookologist "Shiraz's flowing and effortless writing pulled me into a world of magic and fantasy. In other words, it's amazing."

Ramblings of the Teenage Bookworm "There was never a dull moment, there was a lot of action, adventure, and fantasy."

Today's Adventure "Mysterious and magical- I was entranced."

Wow.  That's pretty good for one week!

The big surprise, however, came from a blogger who didn't read the book.  Check out what Gwendolyn at A Sea Of Books wrote!

The first promo wasn't bad.  I need some good signage (which I'm working on) and a better audio-visual display (also working on).  I think I'll have all the kinks out by the big 8 hour promo on Halloween.  Rupinder (one of the creators) said he's hiring 3 teens to play Alex, Scorpius, and Maya at the event.  I've got a room booked at the bar across the street for afterwards.  It'll end up being a 16 hour day for me promoting then hosting.  I'll collapse shortly afterward.


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